Old age is characterized by so many body defects that people get worried as the clock turns towards old age. One of the most common defects that affect so many people as they get old is the loss of memory. Your mind is very vital in enhancing a steady memory even as your years get numbered. Brain stimulation to longevity is not an easy task and requires commitment from you if at all you want your brain to be functional till the last minute of your life. When talking of addition of years to life and addition of life to years, activities such as cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, balance exercises and strength training among other related activities come to mind. Most people concentrate on physical fitness forgetting that their brain is the most vital organ that coordinates all body functions including the physical exercises.
Brain stimulation to longevity requires you to address brain fitness. Some people will not even listen if you talk of brain fitness because they believe that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to improve the functioning of the brain. What they believe is that the functioning of their brain is bound to decline as they get old. Brain stimulation to longevity is possible. The fact that the brain is not a muscle does not make its response to activity different. Similar to body muscles, more use of the brain improves its functioning while its underutilization only serves to deteriorate it. This explains why most innovations were results of minds that worked day and night. The more the brain is engaged, the more it becomes sharper to counter the pressure.
However, brain stimulation to longevity requires slightly different techniques than those used in physical fitness. That explains the development of brainwave entrainment technology which serves not only to improve the mind power, but also to lengthen its functioning period. There are many aspects enhanced by this technology which include:
1. Learning new things. Think of an interesting topic that you know so little about. Visiting the library to learn more about the topic or searching for information about the topic on the internet will stimulate your brain. After gaining the information, behave as if you are an expert informing others of what you have learned. Teach them the little you know about the topic. After that, search for another topic. This activates the mind in an unbelievable way. You can also use other brainwave equipment such as CDs which have been produced specifically for learning purposes.
2. Watching educational programs on TV. Television programs such as documentary shows will make you discover things that you were ignorant about and step up your reasoning capacity. Try to analyze the characters in such documentaries. This will go a long way in stimulating your brain.
3. Play games that are stimulating such as crossword puzzles, card games, Sudoku, and other similar games. Such games sharpen your mind because they require critical thinking for you to make any wins.
With the development of brainwave entrainment technology, your mind can remain as fresh as ever as long as you live.

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