Exam 77-601 – Guidelines on How to Pass Microsoft Essential Practice Test

Exam 77-601 can be said as the reference to the Microsoft office 2007. This certification will suit best to the entry- level professionals who wish to start a career in the information technology field. This certification will suit best to the candidates who are interested in achieving Microsoft certifications using Microsoft 2007 office. For certifying with MCAS certification (Microsoft certified Application specialist), candidates should take this examination along with the certifications such as 77-603, 77-604 as well as 77-605 examinations.

Requirements for exam 77-601:

This examination will suit best to the professionals who are interested in starting a career by using the Microsoft office tool. The job roles include designations that play a major in Microsoft word application. In order to get eligibility for writing this examination, a candidate should have basic computer knowledge and this certification also suit best to the professionals who have work experience in handling business by using Microsoft 2007 office or other Microsoft office applications.

What are the skills that are measured for exam 77-601?

The main responsibility for this examination includes the candidate’s knowledge and skills in tasks such as formatting word documents and other contents. The exam topic involves creation as well as customization of documents. By certifying with this examination, candidates will be able to perform various tasks such as creation of lay-outs in documentation, formatting as well as creating documents, manipulating texts, creation of controlling pages, formatting paragraphs and other document related etc.

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Exam objectives:

The following are the 77-601 exam objectives / topic outlines and they are:

1) Creation and customizing documents

2) Formatting all word documents / contents

3) Working with the visual contents

4) Organizing the contents

5) Reviewing and proofreading all the documentation

6) Sharing as well as securing the contents.