We’ve Only Just Begun to See

Microsoft and Apple have been battling with each other ever since the invention of the computer. They both want their peace of the pie and with Microsoft nearing the end of their latest production; it may look like Microsoft might win another battle. First there was the iPod, which came across the world with a bullet. The mp3 player that will make life easier to anyone with a music fetish, being able to listen to hundreds of songs for less then what the CD’s would cost. Then there was the Zune, the iPod like MP3 player for Microsoft. Now it’s tablets. Tablets have been around since before Moses, but nothing like this. In this article you’ll learn about what Microsoft has to offer and why Apple is trailing behind.

Microsoft has been working on their latest creation, while struggling to keep up with Apple in every aspect, almost, of technology. But now Microsoft might have a win. It only takes on chance to win the war, regardless of numerous victories from the other opponent. Microsoft has created the Microsoft Courier, a new tablet that will do virtually everything. The Apple Tablet is still in the works. This tablet will allow you to surf the web, listen to music, watch movies, read books, and even keep a hand written journal. Don’t worry about if you have enough paper to get through the end of your journal, never buy new lead for that pencil. Just plug in your courier and enjoy the newly found freedom.

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Like a regular book you’ll be able to open it and close it like a book. You’ll be able to, almost, literally grab images and fling them away. You can flick a picture to get it to move. You can draw and write with the stylus. And unlike any product like it, you can even take pictures. Making this new invention Microsoft’s best idea yet, being able to not be a tablet but a booklet.