How Is New Outlook Different?

Microsoft is taking a step ahead when it comes to its e-mail. News has been galore about Microsoft . This is an e-mail service with a difference. It is said to have integrated new features and elements to provide an enhanced e-mail experience. User will get a surprise in relation to added features and functionalities within this package along with social media integration as well. This integration includes popular websites like Facebook and Twitter. Now you will be able to connect and work with these social media applications with ease. Additionally, you also have the advantage of working with the app available on the web including storage space like SkyDrive. Even if you do not have a version of MS Office installed in your system or your device you will still be able to work with it. Another thing to notice is the design that is fresh and clean look. It is responsive and easy to use. However, the best thing about is the capability to de-clutter your e-mail. Let us find out how this is possible and know more about it.


The UI of is easy to understand and use. For example an icon labeled New has a + sign. This is one way of reducing the clutter of new incoming e-mails in the inbox. Even though you will receive your new mails in the inbox but this + sign will allow you to expand and see the new message arrivals, unlike the earlier version where you will have the new and old e-mails all together in one inbox creating a massive clutter. Another thing to notice in the UI is that the bar is related to the context, so, you need not be lost in unwanted options. On clicking the + sign you will find options like reply, delete, junk and other such options neatly arranged in a bar above the message. This way it is visually appealing and easy to use with neat view.

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Sweep Tool

If you want to organize your messages then the best option is available with . As soon as you open an e-mail you will find an option by the name of Sweep. Sweep tool comes handy for cleaning your inbox. For example, you open a subscription message but you want to get rid of all these subscription e-mails at once. You just need to use the Sweep tool, select the message use Sweep tool and other such similar messages are automatically selected, now delete them all. Without having to go looking for similar messages in your inbox now you have cleared all subscription messages in one go.

Ads Handling

You will notice another interesting thing about this new version of e-mail in relation to ads. It is all about the way it handles unnecessary ads and keeps them from flooding your inbox. The way ads are displayed in your inbox is completely flattering. When you open an e-mail you will notice that the ads are displayed in the right hand vertical column. This clearly indicates Microsoft’s customer first approach. When you open a personal e-mail message you will not see any ads appearing.

Microsoft has started contextualizing ads when it comes to their users. Often e-mail providers have the rights to go through your e-mails for gathering information about you and place ads accordingly. This is more like privacy invasion but is you are using you need not be concerned about it. The mails that you receive are confidential and the ads are only context generated.

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With all that the has to offer its clients Microsoft sure has started upon an e-mail service with a difference. Keeping in mind the customers’ first policy and benefitting the end customer in getting the most out of their e-mail service.