Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD Webcam Review

The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is the first webcam that has a full 720p HD sensor and a 16:9 aspect ratio with up to 30 FPS. This feature is perfect for anyone who is interested in publishing videos on the web such as YouTube or their own personal blog webpage. Some of my favorite features on it include a digital microphone. The digital microphone with noise cancelling technology helps improve speech quality for crystal clear audio and helps filter out background noise that would other wise be annoying for someone on the other end to listen to.

One of the most useful features on it is the TrueColor technology, this automatically controls exposure for bright and colorful video so you do not need to fiddle too much with the settings once you have them set.

The webcam does have an auto focus feature and because of the image-processing technology I find that the video quality and is smooth and delivers detailed video, even in low light conditions.

The webcam also has a great social network feature where you can take pictures or videos and upload them to your computer and edit them and share them with friends and family. Also creating video projects is as simple as one click to start editing as the webcam does come with Windows Live Movie Maker, and yes you can make widescreen videos. If you have kids as well that like to edit family videos there are video effects that are easy to use and a fun way to express yourself with these entertaining effects built into the LifeCam dashboard.

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Because of the aluminum body, the webcam is light weight so you don’t need to worry about where you’re resting it and its durable so if it happens to fall off your desk it will continue working. Because of the flexible stand it makes it ideal for attaching to laptops and flat screens.

I really do enjoy all the features this webcam has, the most basic of webcams do not have some of these features and its fine if you just want something basic to chat with friends or family online. However if you’re looking for something that help you with making videos for blogs or if you have a regular show on YouTube, then this webcam is great and with the move toward HD becoming more popular, having something reliable to record your videos is great. Personally for the price and the features of this webcam its something I would recommend to anyone looking for webcams.