Microsoft OneNote: A Lefties Note Taking Dream Come True

If you’re a lefty and need to take notes, you should try a digital solution instead of the traditional paper-based note taking systems.

As a left-hander myself, I know how different we can be. At one time or another, you’ve probably had the feeling that the world just wasn’t made for you. From the wild pitches in baseball to the non-conventional ways we go about our business, we’re just unique.

Once you start going to high school, and especially in college, the differences between left and right-handers really stand out.

What does this have to do with note taking?

We spend a lot of years in school. Much of what goes on in school involves writing or taking notes on some level. Most every tool that’s been designed for creating notes, organizing them, and carrying them around has been unsatisfactory and frustrating for the left-hander.

First, there are the spiral notebooks which are not lefty-friendly at all. Then, there are the pens that run all over as your hand passes over the fresh ink. 3-ring binders are practically useless, too. Even the standard two-pocket folder becomes problematic after you accumulate a few pages of notes.

The physical environment can be just as frustrating to the left-hander. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a table to sit at with plenty of room to write. If you get squeezed next to a right-hander, you’re going to have fun bumping elbows all class.

If there aren’t any tables, you’ll be stuck with those half-desks that only have writing area on the right side of the desk. I’ve seen “desks” like these with an area as small as 12″ square to write on. Good thing the rooms are large and dark, because with tools like that, sleeping is the only thing that’s going to happen.

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So, what’s a lefty to do?

Try this, get a laptop or a tablet PC and try using a digital note taking system like Microsoft OneNote.

There are plenty of problems and frustrations that you’ll eliminate by going digital: no more binders, notebooks, or folders, no more smudged ink, and no more horribly designed furniture to deal with.

Not only will you solve those issues, but you’ll also gain plenty by switching to a new system for taking notes. By using a digital notebook such as OneNote, your notes will become instantly searchable. Plus, you’ll be able to add highlighting, draw on your notes, add tags, format them for easy viewing, and reorganize them in any way you want.

Things can be a lot easier for the left-handed note taker by making a simple switch.