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Web 2.0 – Communicating With Your Tenants in the 21st Century

Stay Connected to Your Tenants: Effective Communication Through the Use of Web 2.0 Tools & Technology
Facebook. Web 2.0. Twitter. Buzz. Text. Blog. IM. Social Bookmark. Tag. Youtube. Consider this list of words for a second and ask yourself, “are these nouns, verbs, adjectives, or a combination of all three? Do you know what more than half of these words mean?” If your answers to any of these questions are a little fuzzy or unsure, your next move should be to find out what these terms mean, what role they play in the lives of your tenants, current and potential, and how they can help you as a landlord.
The 21st Century is upon us, as are the technological changes that are currently shaping a generation of students, families, and workers, as well as the education and business worlds. Many places we go these days provide some form of technological support, such as internet cafes, coffee shops that provide wireless networks, and businesses, schools, and college campuses which are bubbles of wireless signals and internet ready workstations. As you head to work or walk through a busy city street, students and adults alike are ‘wired’ into texting on their phones, instant messaging through their iPhones, checking email on their Blackberries, or social networking on their laptops (or any of these devices for that matter). The bottom line is this, technology has helped us to evolve our manner of communicating, socializing, and doing business.
What does any of this have to do with being a landlord and running a real estate business? It has everything to do with being able to communicate and connect to your audience, whether that be current or potential renters. My partners and I have been managing rental properties for close to six years, now, and the difference in how we advertise and work with our tenants has changed dramatically, especially my role as a landlord. When we first started, almost all of my communication with our tenants was through phone calls, an occasional email, or face to face encounters. At the time, this seemed to work. As our properties multiplied (as did our tenants), efficiently and effectively communicating became tough. Playing phone tag became a common occurrence, and trying to find common times when both the tenants and landlord were free to meet on a regular basis was next to impossible. After some time discussing, with both my partners and the tenants, the purposes of all these contacts, we began to has out plans for more efficient and more effective communication. I found out some tenants hate email and rarely check it (this was a huge eye-opener for me and something I took for granted), yet they text message all the time, so like to get their information that way. Other tenants were constantly on email and had their instant message box or Skype account up on their computers at all times and preferred to hear from me through ‘IM’ or video chat. While there were still a few who always preferred a phone call and occasional face to face meeting. As I began to figure this out, I realized that what was important in all of this was finding a method that worked, and what I may not have considered effective (ie- my assumption was texting was too impersonal a method to deliver spectacular service), actually worked best for some.
While the options out there seem endless and overwhelming, the key is to not try to use all of them all of the time or just one of them all of the time. What has worked for me is to find a few that fit certain purposed for contacting the tenants, and matching these up with the tenant preferences. For example, I would use a text message to remind one set of tenants about the monthly walk through coming up, yet I would meet face to face with the same group to discuss something as important as them possibly re-renting. At the end of the day, what is important to realize is that technology is not changing so much of ‘what’ we do (we still need to communicate with our tenants), but ‘how’ we do these things.…

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Android Technology Makes Your Communicating Device Amazing

A droid mobile is not less than a cup of a black coffee that stirs up your communication. A mobile that is designed by using an android operating system is commonly known as a droid mobile. Windows are the best operating system as far as the computing is concerned. However, for mobile devices the top most operating system is Android.
Mobile software that is composed of a middleware, operating system, and key applications, is called Android. The first Android software used in a phone was the HTC Dream in 2008. Initially, Android could not create ripples in the mobile world because of the presence of other high rates Smartphones like Apple’s iPhone, and Blackberry Storm, etc. It gained popularity after two years of its launch and by 2010 almost 44% Smartphone had purchased this software.
Though developers had recognized the potential of this mobile operating system at its launch but were reluctant to make investment for the development of its applications. There were many reasons behind their hesitance but the low sale rate of this software was the most prominent. In the success journey of Android, Google played a gigantic role through its Android developer challenge. It distributed $10 million as prizes in this challenge, which encouraged developers enormously.
Undoubtedly, the software was a big hit, but it required a device to exhibit its features. Android got a big push by Motorola when the company officially released the Motorola droid on the Verizon network for the first time in late 2009. This launch of Motorola was a great smack because it was supported by the two largest wireless carriers. The Motorola droid offers unprecedented pros to the users like the free installed Google Maps Navigation, and many more like that.
Android is an amazing open operating system that invites hardware and software developers to work on it in an absolutely free atmosphere. The openness of the Android operating system enhances the creativity of developers.
The openness of the software means that it is easily modified according to the preferences of the user and the new technologies. A droid phone has an edge over other Smartphones that it brings new technologies to the mobile phones. An easy and unlimited customization is the feature that no other mobile operating system is offering currently. Simple customization means an ability to run multiple applications at a time.
In a word, get your droid mobile today and experience the height of a high-quality communication.…