Windows XP Freezing – What to Do About It

One of the most annoying problems is that Windows Xp freezes from time to time. Sure you can pay a computer repair guy or women and the problem will be fixed. The downside of this is that you don’t know what’s going on; and the next time you just pay him again for the same problem. Let me show you how to stop windows XP from freezing in a few steps.

Errors in Windows Registry The most common reason of pc freezes is that there are errors in the Microsoft Windows Registry. It is not recommended to try to fix it on your own. Working on and with the registry requires at least that you are a computer surgeon. Ironically enough window Xp registry errors are the most common windows does not come with an internal tool to fix these problems. There are a lot of registry cleaners to choose from, some excellent and some poor. Keep in mind that the windows registry is growing and growing. I bet your computer works slower since you have bought it? Keep in mind that a registry tool can do the same thing as a repair specialist but it is cheaper and you can use the software over and over again.

Windows updates Installing windows updates is not a guarantee that your computer will stop freezing but it is certainly an improvement. Normally security updates are delivered on the second Tuesday of each month.

Running to many programmes at once Often times programmes can use a lot of RAM and overload our system’s resources. You can run fewer programmes at a time or even better you can increase your Random access memory.

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In order to fully get rid of a freezing computer you need to remove all spyware, adware, malware, trojan horses and viruses as well. Also check hardware errors or conflicts with the driver as well.